‘Don’t vote for no-show leaders in future’


ZAMBIANS should not vote for ghost Members of Parliament who disappear after an election, says Youth Aid chairperson Chungu Kachenga. In an interview yesterday, Mr Kachenga said people need to vote on merit and for MPs who stood with them in times of difficulties as well as visited their constituencies to address some of the challenges they faced. He called on elected MPs to pay back the favour to the electorate by tabling their needs in the House and visiting their constituencies more often in order to address their changing needs. “I urge the electorate, in the event of a by-election, not to entertain non-performing Members of Parliament and those who disappear after an election. To those elected I implore you to pay back the favour to the voters by visiting them more often in order to learn of their ever changing needs,” he said. He said that if MPs interacted with their constituents often they would have realized that the most important thing people wanted from them was not money and gifts but rather respect, gratitude and compassion. Those elected must be accountable to the voters first above anyone else, stating that it would be difficult for MPs to deliver development if they were not close to the people.  “You cannot work with the people if you are not close to them and do not know their ever changing needs. This also goes to ghost MPs who only appear at the light of an election. How do you plan to face people you disappeared from after your victory?” he asked.   Mr Kachenga said that it was high time that politicians realized that they were not kings but rather servants of the people.