Oxfam promotes Africa-China development dialogue


THE Africa-China Dialogue Platform (ACDP) will help facilitate a constructive engagement and dialogue of citizens, policy-makers, researchers and think tanks on the attainment of sustainable development goals (SDGs), says Oxfam country director Dailes Judge. The platform would seek to generate knowledge in order to influence policies and practices that relate to the Africa-China partnership and whose short term focus areas are on the sustainable development goals ( SDGs), namely agricultural cooperation, climate change and peace as well as security. The ACDP will take place in Lusaka whose theme is ‘‘Opportunities and challenges for achieving SDGs and Agenda 2063’’ from November 29th to 30th, 2016. Ms Judge said that some of the objectives of the event would be to share analysis and generate ideas on effective strategies for enhancing Zambia-China bilateral relations aimed at achieving the SDGs and Agenda 2063. She said that a technical working group on Chinese engagement with Zambia and other selected African countries would be formed. “The platform seeks to generate knowledge in order to influence policies and practices that relate to the Africa-China cooperation, reflect on the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese engagement in Zambia and how the opportunities and challenges can be seized and addressed respectively,” she said.    She explained that the event would see how China had carried out their role in the past and how it would enhance their resolve to help countries attain development in various sectors of the economy.     Ms Judge noted that in the agriculture sector, there was around half a dozen Chinese State-owned farms and about 30 private Chinese farms operating in Zambia, all of which had targeted growing for domestic demand whose production included cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat while many foreign investors produce agricultural goods for export.

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