PF warns ‘youth league’ renegades

A GROUP of disgruntled youths have created a Facebook page which they are allegedly using to malign, insult and defame President Edgar Lungu, but Patriotic Front die hard Julius Komaki has warned of “ghastly consequences” should the group continue attacking the Head of State. A Facebook page called PF Youth League has allegedly been created by some disgruntled members of the governing party and is using the medium to disparage President Lungu in the hope of creating animosity within the governing party. The said youths are allegedly calling for a revolution in the PF on account that they have not benefited from the victory of President Lungu in the last general elections. Mr Komaki and Gilbert Banda, one of the longest serving PF youths, have called on State agencies with the mandate of monitoring the security of the country to immediately investigate and find out the people behind the PF youth league Facebook page which is being used to cause despondency in the ruling party. Mr Komaki and Mr Banda said they had been watching some PF youths who they believe had been sponsored by some known party members to fight President Lungu using social media. The duo said time had come to curtail the ‘‘irresponsible actions’’ of some PF zealots whose intention was to cause acrimony in the ruling party and eventually weaken it. They said if the people who had created the PF Facebook were genuine members of the ruling party, they would have used normal channels of delivering their grievances to the party leadership rather than resort to attacking President Lungu. “We, the PF stewards, will not allow disgruntled youths to start insulting or disparaging President Lungu with intent to create animosity and discontent in the party. ‘‘We, Gilbert Banda and Julius Komaki, have been watching a group of youths who have created a Facebook page called PF youth league which they are using to malign and defame the Head of State. ‘‘Whoever is sponsoring these youths should know that soon they will be exposed and the consequences will be ghastly,’’ Mr Banda and Mr Komaki said in a joint statement. The duo said these said youths were using all manner of vulgar language against the Head of State in a scheme meant to hold the President to ransom. “The people calling for a revolution in the PF do not understand or know what it means. We advise that the best they can do is ask Wynter Kabimba, the former PF secretary general,” they said. And Mr Komaki has charged that there was still a cartel within the judiciary which was working at weakening the governance of the country through nullifications of seats that were genuinely won by the ruling party in Lusaka. “We know there is a cartel in the judiciary and we know them by the way they have handled some of the election petitions. We know that some judges are directly working with the opposition to fight Government. There are cartel judges and very soon we are going to name and shame them,” Mr Komaki said.