A COUPLE in Serenje district has named their twins after the Head of State and First Lady Esther Lungu. The twins, Edgar and Esther, were born on August 17, a few days after President Lungu was declared winner in the August general elections and a few weeks before his inauguration on September 13. Little Edgar Musonda and Esther Musonda were born at a local clinic in Serenje district. The Daily Nation spoke to the couple who said they named their twins Edgar and Esther to express their excitement over President Lungu’s victory in the general elections and also in the hope that their children would grow up to emulate the first family’s values. “We really love the President because he is a humble and God fearing man; he is a God given gift to Zambia and I am confident that the country is in safer hands with him as Head of State. Zambia needed a humble and hardworking leader like President Lungu if it were to prosper; most of these politicians are not sincere and humble like him. “The First Lady is another humble and selfless person, with a big heart for the people. She has been always there for the poor, especially women and we can only thank God for her. So the time President Lungu was pronounced winner, my wife and I were very excited and we hope that our children will grow up to be good people just like the President and his wife,” said Mr. Simeon Musonda, father of the twins. Both parents, Simeon and Thelma, strongly believed that the birth of their twins was a blessing and a God-given sign of his love. Mrs Musonda wished President Lungu wisdom from God as he continued to lead the nation. “We pray that God will give the President wisdom like he did to Solomon in the Bible; he’s truly a blessing and it is a great privilege to have my children born during his reign as President,” she said.