Think twice, Zesco warns pylon traders

ZESCO has warned the public to desist from trading under its pylons as it poses a threat to their lives once they collapsed, especially during the rainy season. Company spokesperson Henry Kapata said in an interview that all those conducting businesses under the Zesco pylons should vacate the places and trade in the designated places provided by the local authorities. “We have the responsibility to provide electricity but in the same line of token, we want to urge all those conducting businesses and of course trading under the Zesco pylons that they are dealing with a dangerous product. “And so all those trading under the Zesco pylons around Soweto market and Lusaka’s Chalala area and Libala to think twice and simply go and trade in the designated places that have been provided for by local authorities than wait to be part of the death statistics,” he said. Mr Kapata emphasised that the public had a responsibility to guard their lives. “We all saw what happened when the 330KV transmission line from Serenje to Kabwe tripped, there was massive damage to the ground. ‘‘One can only imagine if a human being was caught up napping when the conductor snapped. We are in the rainy season and this is simply a friendly warning,” he said.