Zambians urged to mitigate climate change effects


COMBATTING climate change is a collective responsibility that all Zambians should support, Action Africa Help International country director Lameck Simwanza has said. Mr. Simwanza called on Zambians to step up and mitigate the impact that had already been created as a result of climate change especially in the agricultural sector. “We need to stop the negative attitudes towards the environment if we have to overcome this; everyone should be involved, this is not a battle for Government alone but all of us,” Mr. Simwanza said. He observed that if Zambia does not address climate change now, its impact would continue to affect majority of people and the economy. Mr. Simwanza noted that with the current challenges on the mines and calls for diversification, the agricultural sector was becoming vital to the country’s economy. According to him, the sector produced a huge percentage of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and provided an income for most Zambians. He said the agricultural sector had been severely hit by climate change. “The sector highly depended on rainfall. When you look at our agricultural production, it is facing negative impacts of extreme climate events [while] dry spells in the rain season have continued to hit the sector.” Mr. Simwanza said. He said floods and rainfall deficits at critical stages of crop growth had led to a serious shortfall in agricultural production. Mr. Simwaza reiterated that with the current state of the mines, agriculture was crucial to Zambian’s economy, adding that any shortages in agricultural production could cause inflation.