Tiza Mukuka: Ban HH from running in 2021

Leader and founder of the Youth Alliance Zambia Tiza Mukuka says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should be barred from running in the 2021 general elections for failing to win office in five previous attempts.

Accourding to Mukuka losing an election five times is a clear indication that the majority of Zambians have rejected him.

He says Hichilema should first try running for political office as a councilor or ward chairman or even as a Member of Parliament.

Mukuka has expressed interest to stand as a member of Parliament in Munali or Lusaka Central Constituencies in the 2021 general elections.

One thought on “Tiza Mukuka: Ban HH from running in 2021

  1. As long as there is no law that limits the number of times a candidate can lose, HH is free to run as many times as he sees fit. It is sad that Zambians are stigmatising tongas as tribalistic while ignoring the bemeba hegemony that has degenerated into fascism and is ruining this country.

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