PF committed to fight against corruption

The Patriotic Front says it has put in place a number of mechanisms that have seen an enhanced fight against corruption in the country.

Speaking during Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme yesterday, PF media director Sunday Chanda said the creation of the Financial Intelligence Centre was a very clear example of the PF’s commitment to the fight against corruption.

“Certain mechanisms, certain interventions by this government, by this President made it very, very possible for these (corruption) revelations to come out. It is not like some of these things were not happening in the past, they were happening. What happened is that there were no legal frameworks, no mechanisms to bring out these issues to the fore. There are people who would want to praise and clap for the Financial Intelligence Center for instance but what they forget is that the Financial Intelligence Center is a creation of the PF government,” Chanda said.

He said credit must be given where it was due.

“All these things are playing a very important role in ensuring that acts of corruption, alleged acts of misconduct, suspicious transactions and suspicious actions and decisions are brought to the fore. We must be able to give credit where it is due,” Chanda said.