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Opinion: Zambia’s Debt, Not Just A Product of Chinese Debt Diplomacy

Zambia’s public debt has increased significantly in recent years, and concerns over a possible crisis have lately attracted the attention of Western media. On September 3, a report by British business intelligence outlet Africa Confidential warned of escalating debt caused by allegedly unsustainable Chinese loans and claimed that Zesco, the state-owned national electricity company, has been in […]

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Stroppy suspension

THE national debate on councillors’ demands for salaries should not be aligned to any political party. It has become a matter for public discussion across political divide, allegiance and expresses how truly democratic Zambia has become. It is a dictate of democracy to allow citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, to freely engage in progressive […]

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Who will defend the poor and powerless?

  Every single day in Zambia, an average of 15 people are arrested for drug offenses, mostly for cannabis. Some of these victims are as young as 11-years-old, and almost all of them are poor and powerless. The inhumane prison overcrowding we are witnessing is a symptom of the failed global War on Drugs. That […]

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Opposition out to lunch

  Look at any vibrant democracy in the world and you will find active and effective opposition to the powers that be. Perhaps the best example right now is UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who despite rumblings in his party has acted as a lightning rod for discontent at the austerity measures imposed by the […]

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Prison overcrowding

If Zambia is truly a Christian nation then we must bow our heads in shame at the inhumane levels of overcrowding in our nation’s prisons. As Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Percy Chato commented last week: “Overcrowding results into undesirable conditions which impact negatively on the correctional activities. If not controlled it can bring communicable […]

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FDD leadership tussles

  THE non-adherence to basic and clear democratic tenets within some political parties in Zambia has always been a source of grave concern. Political organisations like other societies that ought to be formally registered by the Registrar of Societies are required to submit their party constitutions in fulfilment of prerequisites for registration. By its very […]

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Trumping Xenophobia

  The recent election of Donald Trump appears to have caused an increase in the number of racist and xenophobic attacks in the United States. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization, has reported at least 200 instances of physical and verbal harassment, abuse and intimidation against immigrants, people of color, Muslims […]

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Zambia’s dilemma

  WHAT a surprise that Zambia risks being thrown out of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), the global transparency and accountability watchdog which promotes high and impeccable standards in the extraction and management of natural resources in developing countries. The EITI, founded in 2003, is a multi-stakeholder coalition of resource-rich developing nations, donors, multinational […]

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Poor nursing care

    CONCERNS of poor work attitude exhibited by civil servants in Government institutions is a source of great worry. The high levels of utter incompetence and inefficiency displayed by some health workers threaten the very purpose of Government’s drive to achieve better healthcare delivery. Many health personnel have such pathetic attitude towards work that […]

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Councillors deserve more

ONE of the ‘‘lacunas’’ in the governance system that has stood out unattended like a swore thumb is the glaring disparity between the salary of a Member of Parliament, a city or municipal council chief officer and ward councillor. For years this anomaly has been allowed to trouble our conscience as a nation and now […]

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